Fessing Up: I’m a Myeloma Patient

I have occasionally intimated that I have had a Chronic medical illness that has interfered with and interrupted my blogging. I have had another one of those unwelcome hiatuses. So it is time to be more explicit about the reason and that is O have had multiple myeloma since 2011 or so. I have had a stem cell transplant done at the Winship Cancer Center in Atlanta at Emory Medical School where I was referred by my local oncologist.

In the last year since Labor Day weekend of 2017, I have had the ‘privilege ‘ of having two shoulder and humerus surgeries due to what are called ‘pathological fractures. ” The recovery and rehabilitation time took over 8 months before I was able to return to work. That absence affected my blogging ability in that I could even write or type until the last of that interval at home.

Now I am back on track and hope to be more frequent in blogging and also to get my next big deal Internet based Mental Health Reform project underway in YouTube, having had time to work out You Tube compatible technologies figured out after a fashion from thumbnail art, to the not so easy arcane mysteries of audio video home recording. I like just everyone from whom I have begged advice, have struggled to find equipment that I could master and that “worked for me.”

So look for more reliable postings as I happily resume opinionating.

My next post oddly enough will be to cast some acerbic thoughts upon the waters of opinion concerning the phenomenon of for profit stem cell transplant clinics for all kinds of non cancer conditions.

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