My Doctor in Singapore!

My other blog ‘ informed me that a site called “Doctor World” had started following me. I try to always look at such sites or blogs that follow my amateurish offerings, so I followed the notification’s link and found to my surprise that the Doctor World entity is located in Singapore.

Furthermore, it is an Internet-based medical doctor telemedicine site for service to patients. This surprised me greatly. Reading through the site showed that even I here in the USA could download an iOS or Android phone app and then start to receive services for non-serious medical maladies.

And the rates started at $15 per 15 minutes of consultation. Right inexpensive compared to American rates known for our high cost of medical services. There were other services listed such as come to your home doctor visit which was a little confusing as I inferred that this was likely restricted to just in Singapore and not to my home in North Carolina.

In any case on a humorous note, I can just see me from now on, stating on medical intake information forms that my physician is “Dr. So-and-So in Singapore. I can just imagine the stir that would cause in front office window medical secretaries’ world. “How do we get records from all the way across the Pacific Ocean? etc. “Can we call them on YOUR cell phone?” [to save their phone bills, for which I would not blame them. I am known at my various physicians’ offices for my wacky sense of humor, but I think this would be going too far and perhaps cost me future cheery hellos in my physicians’ offices and maybe lots of other informal courtesies. I can imagine being subtly shoved off the weight scale, the blood pressure being inflated incredibly tightly, the phlebotomist drawing my blood twice because “they all clotted in the first tubes.” Yeah, it could be BAD. Or my digital rectal exam having to be done twice, because “I couldn’t feel your prostate the first time and I know it is still in there.”

On a final note, I cannot for the life of me why this Singapore site is following my mental health reform blog. But I welcome all who do!

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