A Mere Observer Like Me Can Only Hope

The last two days, the news has been debating and detailing the news from the Iran nuclear six nation negotiations that resulted in the framework agreement for a comprehensive deal on Friday. It was surprising and in a way a possible relief and way out of this growing crisis. I had had experience in the Middle East for several years on both sides of the conflict but spent the most time in Israel as a teen. I was very gung ho toward Judaism and Israel being raised a Catholic, and then Episcopalian. I have followed Israel and certain Arab countries in the Middle East and had been studying seriously long term and in real detail and true historical and political readings and research I think much more than the Average American ordinary citizen on the constant crises in the Middle East especially becoming more probtative in my reading during the times of the Infitada uprisings three decades more more ago. I had studied an unusual ongoing deep interest in radical anarchist and revolutionary groups in my college days not as an idealist naive American college student identifying with Che Guervara and all that popular goofy radical stuff but going into the history of the movement of anarchism in Europe in the last 1800’s, radical Americans such as Eugene V. Debs the Socialist, Emma Goldman, Mikhail Bakunnin and many others. This interest eventually took a parallel course as I charted the extremist revolutionary American student groups such as the S.D.S. and Weathermen. Where I attended college, that community was a national center and hotbed of ferment and many student radicals lived there, wrote seminal manifesto and declaration, The Port Huron Statement now largely forgotten. I heard many of the big names then in the late sixties and early seventies speak publicly and watched the radicalization and turning to violence that evolved and saw many parallels and in the true tradition of the eager geek intellectual naive college student of those days, wrote a senior honors thesis on parallels between anarchists and the emerging American and European radical violent student groups.

This spread to the Middle Eastern groups, and long before I knew anyone my age doing this, started to learn of the early forerunners of the Muslim Brotherhood, radical extremist Muslim groups, the ‘early; Islamic fundamentalist that evolved into al-Queda and paid attention to the significance of the 1993 NYC underground parking structure bombing of the World Trade Tower and then not too surprised by the 9/11 World Tower hijacked air bombings and destruction of those. I had followed as much as I could during my hectic and all consuming first 10 years of training and moving academic practice, the emerging Muslim radicalization, realized the emerging doctrines that rationalized and justified the indiscriminate killing of infidels as a holy jihad well before all the large scale terrorist acts. I followed the more malignant developments of Iran’s revolution, the totalitarian  state that was established that seemed no different from all the other terrorist all controlling states but which added the incredible zealotry of the extremist fundamentalist Islam genocidal ideology that now manifested itself in Somalia, Yemen time and time again, the divisions of the Shi’a and the Sunni and the Saudi Arabian Wahabism. Then Iran emerged truly as the terrorist state having proxy terrorist organizations such as Hamas and Hezbollah that dwarfed the fanatical pursuits and world view of even the early days of  the PLO and Yassir Arafat. Now we have perhaps reached a new stage of guerrilla terror, the ISIS or ISIL who wished to establish the old Caliphate again and clearly persecute and exterminate not only the Jews of Israel but also the Coptic Christians in Egypt, of Ethiopia, the Christians in other countries such as Iraq, and Syria, driving them out or committing mass  murders village by village.

Perhaps the current worst end stage evolution of this instant fatwa and kill everybody who is not Muslim ideology is that that campaign of the Boko Haram West Africa who clearly single out minority groups especially Christians and slaughter them by the hundreds burning their children in cages over fires, mass executions of families if they will not convert on the spot at gunfight to Islam and so on.

The deal with the designated terrorist state of Iran, and labeled the most disruptive state in the Middle East to reduce, eliminate nuclear fuel manufacture of material leading to true nuclear bombs and missiles, has been a surprise. The media of many countries have settled into a pessimistic view of the years of negotiation with Iran. Much of this is well placed, justified and understandable as the Iranians have cheated, delayed, dissimulated, cheated for years, barring UN inspectors and built more, not less nuclear manufacturing installations, the latest group of which for over a decade have been more and more secretive and shielded by built in protective ‘caves’ as it were hundreds of feet under solid rock overlays in mountains to minimize the ability of destructive weapons like big bunker bombs from being able to destroy if it came to knowledge that Iran was very close to ‘getting the bomb.’

This deal sounds very comprehensive, with true on site inspections, downgrading to and not utilizing the more powerful recently newly acquired faster centrifuges, etc. Sanctions are to be lifting gradually upon the economies and international movements of Iran’s trade and monies through the international monetary clearing houses.

If I were to base my views of this new and more positive diplomatic results on all the Middle Eastern spy novels I have also read the last six years especially I would think that this will all fail and that we will have to preemptively attack Iran with huge amount of forces and bombs to destroy and stop their nuclear capability development capability.

One positive development is that Saudi Arabia and Egypt are taking the lead and initiative and finally putting the military might in play in Yemen and contributing to the fight to stabilize this vital region instead of letting the
“Coalition Forces,” mostly American, German, Filipino, Canadian, French and some Scandinavian forces do the work as non-indigenous ‘occupier infidel’ forces that are resented widely and seen as a defiling of holy principles that bar the non-Muslim from occupying Saudi Arabia for instance in any fomr whatsoever except as tourists. Themes of the resumption of the Crusades abound in the Arab Middle East.

By June or July Iran’s intentions to observe the rules should be apparent and if they substantially interfere and obstruct and impede inspections etc., then may Israel and others may have to start a bombing war to try to protect that region and possibly the world.



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