Are Mass Shootings Increasing?

In this post I am not going to string out the answer to the above question, tease the reader, or toy around with the question in some manipulative literary device to hold the readers’ attentions.

The answer is YES, the number of mass shootings have dramatically increased in at least my lifetime and my memory since childhood stretches back to the 50’s some dimly but certainly to the sixties when i was a precocious kid in college very young and taking in what was going on in those turbulent times. I attended a wonderful university which was, to give the setting for the reader, one of the centers for student radicals in those times through the Nixon administrations.

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New Insights into the Mind of the Mass Shooter

This writer has refrained and delayed entering into this subject for a number of years, though it has occupied my thoughts for a long time. Recently with the commencement of trials for recent adolescent mass shooters, I had decided with myself not to comment of these traumatic replays and upon this subject until later for humanistic reasons.

However, a recent news report caught my eye that I felt could open the subject on this blog without appearing to or inadvertently trading in the notoriety of these stories as is almost unavoidable in any media no matter how restrained the reporting. This report thankfully highlighted the clinical comments of a very well based veteran psychiatrist, Dr. Harold Schwartz of the Institute for Living in Hartford CT. His topic centered around his growing clinical hypothesis that social factors play an enormous role in the development, over time, in the teen and young adult mass shooter. I would heartily recommend the reader follow this link to WTNH televison’s report in Hartford/West Hartford CT for a fairly well done tv news segment on Dr. Schwartz’s recent speech on this topic. His interest is no accident as the Sandy Hook CT elementary school shooting of two years ago is in that area of Connecticut and the venerable well respected Institute of Living facility and teaching center is in that part of the state. Further this tv report site has a brief and concise but insightful quote from Dr. Schwartz that handily summarizes his clinical hypothesis that will make its point quickly to the viewer and I strongly recommend viewing the interview clip on that site.

I expect and hope that it will give the viewer a truly valuable piece of insight and perspective with which to take in the present and coming onslaught of media coverage we have been undergoing since the start of the Boston Marathon Bombing Tsarnarov case, and the two most recent mass shooter trials commencing this month in different parts of the country.